Welcome Words by the Chair of the Technologists Committee



Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to the 35th EANM Annual Congress on behalf of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine Technologists Committee.


Having been through challenging years in which adaptation and replanning were constant features, it is with deep gratitude that I remember how successful last year’s congress was and that much more will be delivered at the EANM’22 Congress. We are looking forward to meeting you face to face and to being able to bring back the much-appreciated social aspect on congress days. In any case, the opportunity to share content virtually will also be considered if need be.

The Technologists’ Committee is organizing a full programme dedicated not only to technologists but also to any related professionals in the areas of nuclear medicine. Once again, updated and relevant content will be brought to you by the best specialists in each area and several topics will be touched on. These will include radiation protection in radionuclide therapy, research in radiopharmacy, nuclear medicine’s contribution in stem cell application, haematologic malignancies, EARL for Technologists, technological advancements in CZT cameras, digital PET and cyclotron production. Furthermore, a session dedicated to the launch of our yearly publication – the Technologists’ Guide – will be organized to let you know about the details of the latest edition.

This year, we plan to hold a new session type which aims to provide attendees with practical competencies in the area of image processing and quantification, including radiomics and artificial intelligence. Keep an eye out for this session, which will be very relevant to the improvement of technologists’ practice.

To create opportunities for participants to present the results of their work, “Featured Sessions” will be organised once more and e-posters made available online. Considering the EANM congress’ visibility and the number of attendees, the Annual Congress offers an excellent opportunity to share original research and clinical work that has been carried out recently and the EANM-TC is already accepting abstracts from nuclear medicine technologists and related clinical scientists. As in recent years, we expect these sessions to be of very high quality and offer a useful means to promote and share work. As an additional motivating factor, an award will be given to the best oral presentations as well as the best e-poster presentation.


With my best regards,

Andrea Santos
Chair, EANM Technologists Committee